Native communities have a long and complex relationship with museums. For hundreds of years, museums have been focused on preserving the items of “vanishing people” rather than celebrating vibrant and complex cultures. We believe in an entirely different approach - one that is tailored to the individual requirements and cultural practices of each community. No two communities or nations will have the same needs and goals for their cultural space, and regardless of those goals we can support the creation of an incredible, professional space.

Racing Magpie’s team provides advice, planning, and implementation across many areas of the development and growth of arts and cultural centers, museums, and archives. We consider our role to be one of understanding your cultural, historical, and preservation needs and to assist you to create an innovative, professional center that will strengthen the telling and preservation of your community’s past, present, and future. Our extensive backgrounds in leading change in cultural organizations on reservations and in supporting Native artists and communities will ensure that your museum or cultural center will play the most dynamic and impactful role in your community.

  • Community and Cultural Assessments
  • Collections Management
  • Exhibition Planning, Development, and Creation
  • Education Program Planning and Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning and Board Development
  • Development Planning