Museum/Private Collections Management & Arts Administration Consulting

We use our experience and backgrounds in Native arts to help strengthen our community and the art world. We offer a wide range of services to assist artists, collectors, and arts and culture organizations. In supporting the creative and innovative projects and artists in our region and nationally, we believe they will build bridges for communities to be strengthened and social and racial divides to shrink. Our extensive backgrounds in leading change in cultural organizations and in supporting Native artists and communities will ensure that your museum or cultural center will play the most dynamic and impactful role in your community. 

Our core specialties are:

  • Museum and private collections management and planning

  • Native art and exhibit curation

  • Native artist support

  • Creative Community Development

We are always excited to hear your ideas about ways we can help you reach your goals!

Previous Projects and Partners:

Arts South Dakota     Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums     Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity     Bush Foundation     Dignity Sculpture     Four Bands Community Fund     First Peoples Fund     Idyllwild Arts     Keya Foundation     The Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School     Native Artists     Native POP: People of the Plains     Rapid City Regional Airport     Regional Health     True Sioux Hope Foundation