Poetry, Art, and Place events with Denise Lajimodiere

On October 12, Racing Magpie hosted an amazing series of events featuring the poetry and traditional art of Denise Lajimodiere (Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe). First, Denise took participants through an amazing poetry workshop, and supported them to tell their stories about "place" and the "where" of their lives. Poetry created through the workshop will be compiled and reinterpreted as letterpress artwork by our very own Lucy Ganje. These artworks will be presented in an exhibition in the spring.

Next, Denise conducted an interactive demonstration about a traditional Ojibwe artform that she has worked in for many years: birchbark biting. She explained the importance, both environmentally and culturally, of proper harvesting of the birch bark, as well as the meticulous practice that it takes to produce such amazing and intricate designs in the natural medium of the back. Participants were able to peel layers of bark and actually fold and bite them to create their own designs.