Waniyetu Pop-up Art Sale - Nov. 24th and 25th

Friday, Nov. 24th (12pm-8pm) and Saturday, Nov. 25th (10am-5pm)

Waniyetu means “winter” in Lakota, and it’s time to come find the most amazing and unique gifts for the holidays at Racing Magpie. Regional Native and non-Native artists will be on hand to show off their artwork that will make incredible gifts (for others or for yourself!). Something for everyone!

Our resident artists will have their studios open so you can see where they produce their beautiful art, and we are inviting other local Native artists for a once-in-a-season opportunity.

Other fine art offerings will be on display - from Native artists such as Jennifer White (Arikara), Robert Martinez (Northern Arapaho), James Star Comes Out (Oglala Lakota), Tani Gordon (Sicangu Lakota), and more!

On Friday, ONLY, the Lakota Sewing Circle will be selling gifts and food as a fundraiser for their organization. Stay tuned for the menu!

Studio artists:

Other Artists (stay tuned for more!):

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out the "Responsibilities and Obligations: Understanding Mitakuye Oyasin" installation recently added to the gallery, this is the perfect time to come experience it as well.

Visit by Arts in a Changing World (ArtChangeUS)

First Peoples Fund hosted a visit by Roberta Uno and Art Change US from CalArts on October 17th. As part of their tour of the Black Hills and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Roberta and her team dropped by Racing Magpie. While here, they heard from curator/co-owner Mary Bordeaux about the exhibition Responsibilities and Obligations: Understanding Mitakuye Oyasin, a tour of artist studios, hands-on printing with Scrap Iron Press, and a highly educational cultural presentation about the importance of indigenous foods and diet. This included samples of wasna, a "pemmican"-like combination of buffalo, kidney fat, and berries.

We loved having Roberta and the whole crew here, and appreciate the community support!

Poetry, Art, and Place events with Denise Lajimodiere

On October 12, Racing Magpie hosted an amazing series of events featuring the poetry and traditional art of Denise Lajimodiere (Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe). First, Denise took participants through an amazing poetry workshop, and supported them to tell their stories about "place" and the "where" of their lives. Poetry created through the workshop will be compiled and reinterpreted as letterpress artwork by our very own Lucy Ganje. These artworks will be presented in an exhibition in the spring.

Next, Denise conducted an interactive demonstration about a traditional Ojibwe artform that she has worked in for many years: birchbark biting. She explained the importance, both environmentally and culturally, of proper harvesting of the birch bark, as well as the meticulous practice that it takes to produce such amazing and intricate designs in the natural medium of the back. Participants were able to peel layers of bark and actually fold and bite them to create their own designs.